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The air we breath, the water we drink, the soil that provides the necessary components for the food chain, are all parts of the environment. Our environment has come under assault since the industrial age by way of introducing unnatural substances and changing the balance of natural ones. The more people that there are to sustain, the more sacrifices and alterations to the environment become necessary. This has led to more and stricter government regulations regarding the protection of ...Read More

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Toxic Exposure

Toxins contaminate the environment from many sources such as factories, landfills, incinerators, tanks or drums, or illegal dumping. Human exposure to these hazardous chemicals occurs when they travel a pathway which infiltrates the food, water or air supply of a population. This can be a result of contact with plants or animals, and exposure can happen from a source quite far away, depending on the circumstances. The three basic exposure pathways are ingestion, inhalation, and skin contact...Read More

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Commercial and Business Law

Business and Contract law is the organizing force which allows our free enterprise economy to function. Professional legal help is always recommended for official acts such as business formations, real estate transactions, employee agreements and such. A lawyer well versed in regulatory compliance can also be a tremendous asset in avoiding costly fines and actions from mistaken non-compliance ...Read More

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Products Liability

Many products like pharmaceuticals and machinery are capable of causing injurious harm to the consumer, however under some circumstances this harm is legally the fault of an entity in the distribution chain, and not the consumer. These cases fall under the classification of product liability. There are three major categories which almost all product liability cases fall under. These are: failure to warn, design defects and manufacturing defects. These cover the vast majority ......Read More

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Personal Injury Law

WJD Law Firm offers the entire spectrum of legal services with regards to personal injury law suits. We have experts at the ready to review and organize the specific details of your claim, Whether it be a car accident, slip and fall on ice or liquid, work related or other negligence related injuries. If you need to find out if you have a legitimate claim then...Read More

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World Trade Center / Zadroga

The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 is the most current federal legislation helping to provide health monitoring and financial aid to workers who became sick or injured due to the WTC attack on 9/11. It was signed into law on Jan.2 2011 by President Obama. The bill approved $4.2 billion in funding ...Read More

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Whistleblowing has become a necessity in recent times in order to keep unscrupulous businesses and organizations in check, both from cheating the government out of the taxpayers dollars and causing harm to the environment. Sometimes large monetary rewards are presented to the whistleblower for exposing situations where fraudulent gain is involved. In the U.S. the laws concerning whistleblowing is are complex and often contradictory. Legal protections for whistleblowers vary...Read More

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Class Action Law Suits

Class action suits are lawsuits where by a group of plaintiffs, or class, litigates against one or more plaintiffs for a common claim. The class must be certified by the courts and certification may require discovery in order to determine if the size and class meet the standards. Following this the court evaluates the resources and ability of the law firm to determine competence to properly represent the class. Class action suits for the most part...Read More

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