DOJ Reports $4 Billion Left in WTC Fund

There is over $4 Billion in unclaimed compensation funds still available. Even if you didn’t think you qualified for compensation before, you may now. Now covering 68 different WTC-related cancers, as well as other debilitating and potentially disabling injuries, the Victim Compensation Fund deadline has been extended to December 18, 2020. We are providing help to:

  • First Responders and Rescue & Recovery workers
  • Construction, Utility, Communication, and Transportation workers
  • Police Officers, Firefighters, and EMTs
  • Office Workers
  • Residents
  • Sanitation Workers
  • Families who lost a loved one to 9/11 illness

If you have suffered an illness and you were in lower Manhattan south of Canal Street or at the Freshkills Landfill at any time between September 11, 2001 and May 30, 2002 you may be eligible to file a claim. Many policies and procedures for evaluating claims have changed under the new law, and it’s critical to have the help of an experienced attorney behind you.

Learn If You Qualify For the
Victim Compensation Fund

Were you south of Canal Street between 09/11/01 – 05/30/02?*

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